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Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga for all levels


‘Madeline teaches with dynamic integrity, balancing an ashtanga flow with Iyengar support in a truth that encompasses two profound yoga lineages to elicit greater insight into individual needs on the mat.

With no single path to walk less excess discipline invoke a ridgity of practice, she looks to allow both to co-exist.  Gracefully moving between, mindfully employing props within a steady flow of breath and asana, Madeline teaches with a sequential rhythm, without building reliance, but allowing quiet ease to unite body and mind through woven threads.’


6 – 7.15am – Hatha Yoga, Open, Yogaveda,
8 – 9.15pm – Hatha Yoga, Beginners, Momentum Yoga, Alfred Cove


7.30 – 8.45pm – Restorative, Open, Mala Yoga, Fremantle




6 – 7.15am – Hatha Yoga, Open, Yogaveda


9.15 – 10.45am – Vinyasa, Open, Momentum Yoga, Alfred Cove

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