Mountain Magic

Stirling Range Yoga and Walking Retreat 26 - 29 November 2021 I invite you on a weekend retreat to the Stirling Ranges in the Great Southern. On offer is a simple menu of breath, yoga asana and walking at the foot of the mountains. Add to that nourishing Ayurvedically inspired meals and [...]

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Walking as Practice

I love to step outside. I like walking, walking and reading, walking and thinking. I feel a necessity for walking. I walked the Camino de Santiago. I walked for everyone I know and knew. I walked to regain control of what it means to be in my body, what it means to walk away. [...]

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on talking to the hidden people

Found.  They were hidden.  I stroll across the old mossy clad harbour, her chasms and clefts filled with Huldufólk.  I hear thud of horse hoof, a carriage carcass.  Cries of un-fathered babies spilt on the rocks.  Starvation and struggle, fierce.  I sit looking at the dividing line where said whales come to feast.  A scent [...]

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on bathing in iceland

Quite a delight to visit the newly renovated swimming baths in Reykjavik.  Sundhöllin, is the oldest of the public baths in Iceland and a real treat.  Taking a bath is to enter into a delicate, well considered, wholesome experience.  So I found Sundhöllin, next to the Church, as it happens, to explore the ins and [...]

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life is a balancing act

Is balance an unattainable pipe dream? The search for balance between work and life is a losing proposition and a potentially destructive one.  Absolute balance is an illusion.  What appears to be a state of balance is an act of balancing, something quite different.  To long for ‘balance’ is to use the noun, but [...]

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Enjoy eight magical days of yoga in Bali

Walk, breathe and draw your way through the labyrinthine rhythms of Bali. Restore truth in balance in the peaceful surrounds of Gaia Abasan Mountain Retreat9 – 16 July 2017Find inspiration and rejuvenate with a drawing workshop, twice daily yoga classes, Ayurvedic/sattvic inspired meals and the beautiful salt water pool with uninterrupted views of the mountain. [...]

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10 Day Early Morning Yoga Immersion

10 Day Early Morning Yoga Immersion 20-31 March 2017 with Madeline Clare Renew your intentions for the year, energise and build a practice of yoga each new day! Open to all levels. VENUE:  Yogaveda, North Coogee Earlybird $175 by 10 March 2017, Latebird, $200. SIGN UP!

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The art of yoga and drawing – finding your feet

Working with simple drawing techniques, yoga postures and guided visual meditation, participants will experience intuitive creative flow to enhance a fresh and inspiring outlook. 2 April at 10:00–16:00 Mala Yoga, 10 Wray Avenue, Fremantle, Western Australia 6160 Finding Your Feet is a one day workshop to establish intentions, free the hand and set the course [...]

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