Wandering Uterus looks at the sensitive and vulnerable embodiment of the maternal feminine and her response to landscape.  I playfully explore the enigmatic, sensual and elusive qualities of the uterus and its potential to symbolise home.

In a performative photographic narrative, I used the feminine body to understand the ambiguity of the feminine aesthetic, to articulate the feminine as it is experienced. I set the subjective images within an objective staged framework of photography and print.  I discovered that through embedded cyclical rhythm the disruptive and creative capacity of the uterus could be defined, and the capability of the maternal feminine to affect and steer relationship positively and adversely, is apparent.  I presented the unheard and often unspoken language of women who relate intuitively through poetic imagery to highlight a subjective ‘feminine aesthetic’ to privilege the non-linear, and for this to fall gently outside of the discourse of a patriarchal system, which includes, I hasten to add, the universities of our time.