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Madeline’s artwork explores the natural feminine and is informed by her yoga and ayurvedic practices.

She believes in the healing power of an artistic practice.

Wandering Uterus, 2017

Limited Edition

Silk Organza prints available on consignment, width: 135cms, length: 300cms.  Light and colour fast. Cost:  $1250.00

Current happenings …

on talking to the hidden people

Found.  They were hidden.  I stroll across the old mossy clad harbour, her chasms and clefts filled with Huldufólk.  I hear thud of horse hoof, a carriage carcass.  Cries of un-fathered babies spilt on the [...]

on the tip of the iceberg

I see her in my dreams tapering into an oblique void of invisibility.  An apparent nothingness, yet somewhat real.  I feel her shapely figure, her depleted strength.  Her tip had gone with disorientating speed. She [...]

on talking to the tongue

Each morning I talk to my tongue when I wake.  She tells me her story.   I see how the past shows up.  How physical, emotional and environmental toxins display themselves overtly.  She is shy, yet [...]

on being with rock

Rocks are forming part of my art practice here at the art residency in Skagaströnd, visually defining a feminine aesthetic.  I see them, I walk on them, I feel into them. I draw them.  I dance [...]

on the great crossing

‘The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another’ WILLIAM JAMES Three weeks on and with great gratitude to Bindu, who I met on the trail, I now have a [...]

on bathing in iceland

Quite a delight to visit the newly renovated swimming baths in Reykjavik.  Sundhöllin, is the oldest of the public baths in Iceland and a real treat.  Taking a bath is to enter into a delicate, [...]