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A Woman among Riders

Once upon a time, I was mingling with the horses and their riders in Iceland, with my camera in hand. Not only was it the perfect day, but I was rather happy with my place in the bushes eyeing off the most spectacular chain of horses coming down from the hills, then watching as they [...]

A Woman among Riders2021-09-30T12:14:11+00:00

On Being with Rocks

When I went walking in Iceland, rocks came alive. Nowhere else yet had I encountered the dynamism that I found in these glistening specimens. I walked on them, felt them, drew them and danced on them. Then, I realised that I am one or at least my bones are the rocks that form the shape [...]

On Being with Rocks2021-09-25T09:51:54+00:00

A Fine Encounter

When out walking there is no end to the surprises and this painting recalls one of them. An encounter with a field of mushrooms occupied a fair chunk of mind when I walked the Camino de Santiago, because I was reading a book at the time about their potent nature and curious about the lengths [...]

A Fine Encounter2021-09-20T00:54:45+00:00

Snowy Owl

A snowy owl flew into this painting. It had flown a long way from its northern habitats, so I let it in to the forest I was painting at the time. And what I liked about this arrival was the symbolic shape-shifting going on with owls and their mysterious intelligence, real or imagined. Certainly, she, [...]

Snowy Owl2021-09-14T00:59:45+00:00

Walking to Dissolve Margins

Many a time have I hiked into the wilderness, onto glaciers, through the forests and into the mountains, far from human contact, save the odd lone walker that smiles and nods in their wake. I have inundated myself with the depth and immensity of natural phenomena as a solitary explorer. It is as if [...]

Walking to Dissolve Margins2021-09-03T03:29:07+00:00

Mountain Magic

Stirling Range Yoga and Walking Retreat 26 - 29 November 2021 I invite you on a weekend retreat to the Stirling Ranges in the Great Southern. On offer is a simple menu of breath, yoga asana and walking at the foot of the mountains. Add to that nourishing Ayurvedically inspired meals and [...]

Mountain Magic2021-09-03T04:09:02+00:00

Walking as Practice

I love to step outside. I like walking, walking and reading, walking and thinking. I feel a necessity for walking. I walked the Camino de Santiago. I walked for everyone I know and knew. I walked to regain control of what it means to be in my body, what it means to walk away. [...]

Walking as Practice2021-09-03T04:28:25+00:00

on wish bones

Well, I was out hunting with my spear and happened to stumble upon bundles of steam in a blue oasis. So I hopped in for 12 hours to be renewed. Seemed the right thing to do. I turned fifty. Odd. With new skin attached I walked back to my little red tent in the pitch [...]

on wish bones2018-10-21T19:20:51+00:00

on a prudent diet

‘when diet is wrong, medicine is of no use; when diet is correct, medicine is of no need.’    AYURVEDIC PROVERB Being prudent is an artform. It is about a way of eating that is of benefit to most people most of the time. And followed routinely will result in being well. A long-term prudent [...]

on a prudent diet2018-10-10T15:47:11+00:00

on the five gaits

She crouched in the grasslands adjacent to the steep slope.  A carpet of brown toned to soft reds against sharp blue.  Trumpeting and snorting, a snake weaving. The din of horse hoof pounded the dirt. A woman among riders. I join the farmers and their Icelandic horses. Ergo, a Viking import, is pure, permitted so [...]

on the five gaits2018-10-10T15:32:04+00:00


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