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on the dancing lights of the north

Something stirred in the matrix.  The night’s vibrant guitar patterns filtered through the house of ill repute.  Her voice a magnet.  I stepped into the chill to walk.  The late hour asked for a casting eye upon shed projects.  Nightwalkers pinged each other to tell of a velvet sky, a theatre of stars. Her car [...]

on the dancing lights of the north2018-09-24T09:40:52+00:00

on talking to the hidden people

Found.  They were hidden.  I stroll across the old mossy clad harbour, her chasms and clefts filled with Huldufólk.  I hear thud of horse hoof, a carriage carcass.  Cries of un-fathered babies spilt on the rocks.  Starvation and struggle, fierce.  I sit looking at the dividing line where said whales come to feast.  A scent [...]

on talking to the hidden people2018-09-17T10:17:01+00:00

on the tip of the iceberg

I see her in my dreams tapering into an oblique void of invisibility.  An apparent nothingness, yet somewhat real.  I feel her shapely figure, her depleted strength.  Her tip had gone with disorientating speed. She lay wasted now, floating randomly, a shadow of her former self.  I had witnessed tragedy.  I saw an iceberg.  [...]

on the tip of the iceberg2021-09-01T04:15:06+00:00

on talking to the tongue

Each morning I talk to my tongue when I wake.  She tells me her story.   I see how the past shows up.  How physical, emotional and environmental toxins display themselves overtly.  She is shy, yet friendly and enjoys a good clean like any other part of the anatomy.  I think about the land and how [...]

on talking to the tongue2018-09-02T17:45:03+00:00

on being with rock

Rocks are forming part of my art practice here at the art residency in Skagaströnd, visually defining a feminine aesthetic.  I see them, I walk on them, I feel into them. I draw them.  I dance on them.  I am one, because I am a mother. Walking to the studio, along the cliff edge or down [...]

on being with rock2018-08-25T15:14:57+00:00

on the great crossing

‘The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another’ WILLIAM JAMES Three weeks on and with great gratitude to Bindu, who I met on the trail, I now have a record of the Great Crossing through the southern highlands of Iceland (my camera became waterlogged on day two).  In awe [...]

on the great crossing2018-08-19T12:33:15+00:00

on bathing in iceland

Quite a delight to visit the newly renovated swimming baths in Reykjavik.  Sundhöllin, is the oldest of the public baths in Iceland and a real treat.  Taking a bath is to enter into a delicate, well considered, wholesome experience.  So I found Sundhöllin, next to the Church, as it happens, to explore the ins and [...]

on bathing in iceland2018-08-12T21:35:23+00:00

walking in iceland

Walking has been a part of a daily practice for some time.  It has required an openness to go slower, to engage more fully in my surroundings and to keep expenses to a minimum.  I am walking off my angst in a difficult year. Whether it be the streets and beaches of Fremantle, the fence lines [...]

walking in iceland2018-08-05T20:25:42+00:00

life is a balancing act

Is balance an unattainable pipe dream? The search for balance between work and life is a losing proposition and a potentially destructive one.  Absolute balance is an illusion.  What appears to be a state of balance is an act of balancing, something quite different.  To long for ‘balance’ is to use the noun, but [...]

life is a balancing act2018-08-08T12:49:59+00:00


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