This collection of essays are ponderings of mine from studying varied philosophies, artists and writers, some of prominence but also those who have not chosen publicity of word or of image, but whose wisdom is often as significant, if not greater.  Historically, philosophers provided a measure upon an epoch. Currently, it seems that we have smart phones to do that for us.

I had begun assembling research into an academic paper on walking, but came to the conclusion that honouring the insights I gain from experiential practice is more than enough.  Like brush to canvas, pen to paper is a delight as words mingle, butting up against edges and perhaps even arguing with each other!  Time and again, I found that walking on trails for long distances had the effect of clearing, as vast quantities of life were processed and catalogued.  With this sense of clearing, the present-day overused visual sense was subdued within a cultivated walking pace and allowed the other senses to come to the fore for full sensory perception to be experienced.  Walking shimmers into writing!

If in walking, the past is processed, while the future is gained through hope and expectation, then the act of repeating each step, building pace, is to capture the present.

While walking, each memory, each moment is savoured like a word to a page.