A Practice

I am about making choices to live a full life, intuitively and visually responding to an inner landscape of spontaneous playful enquiry.  I like to feel well, to be flexible and to keep learning, providing resourceful and resilient movement therapy classes to keep well-focussed breath and posture while nourishing my creative roots as milliner and artist.  

Walk    Meditate   Create   Play

I offer mentoring for seekers of sustainable wellbeing.  I believe in the body’s innate ability to heal, in self-responsibility and apply the teachings of yoga asana, pranayama and philosophy. I can give practical advice on beneficial ways of living, nutrition and treatment and can share maternal insights on the power of creative healing to ignite a spark in the feminine voice.

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Madeline Clare Portrait

Happenings …

Madeline teaches yoga with a jouissance, has a playful, luminescent art practice and employs ayurvedic practices to fully embrace her complementary insights.

  • HOrses

A Woman among Riders

Once upon a time, I was mingling with the horses and their riders in Iceland, with my camera in hand. Not only was it the perfect day, but I was rather happy with my place [...]

  • rocks on paper

On Being with Rocks

When I went walking in Iceland, rocks came alive. Nowhere else yet had I encountered the dynamism that I found in these glistening specimens. I walked on them, felt them, drew them and danced on [...]

A Fine Encounter

When out walking there is no end to the surprises and this painting recalls one of them. An encounter with a field of mushrooms occupied a fair chunk of mind when I walked the Camino [...]