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A Practice

I am about making choices to live a full life, intuitively and visually responding to an inner landscape of spontaneous playful enquiry.  I like to feel well, to be flexible and to keep learning.  Resourceful and resilient I keep moving with breath and asana, drawing upon my creative roots as milliner and artist.  

Practicing yoga since 1993, I trained with the British Wheel of Yoga and Fremantle Yoga School in Australia.  I started teaching in 2010 with three children in tow.  I took further study with the Byron Yoga School and in 2016 completed an intensive at the Ashtanga Research Centre, Bali.  Fully trained in anatomy, physiology and ayurvedic massage, I completed an Advanced Ayurvedic Diploma in 2016.  In yoga, I have received extensive training from Kale Leaf, James McIntyre, Donna Farhi, David Swenson, Clive Sheridan, Janet Stone, Sean Corne and Les Leventhal.

I am constantly refining and retuning my diet and lifestyle through the bumps.  A diagnosis of an unexplained disparity between body and mind from an early age, gave me life’s work.  I live with quiet courage, mostly buoyant, so that I may teach with presence, patience and gratitude.  I speak of painful truths as I do of the graceful moments; of caring and devotion.  I speak of being in life.  I wish to bring inspired healing to the table in this beautifully messy work of change and exchange, as I glide and flit through kitchen, studio, mountain and beach where I am at home. 

I graduated with a BA in Design History from Manchester Polytechnic, England, in 1990, before my children and the healing therapies of yoga and ayurveda changed my life.  Later, I went on to study art graduating in 2017 with a BA in Fine Art from Curtin University, Australia.

Walk   Play   Meditate   Create

I offer mentoring for seekers of sustainable wellbeing.  I believe in the body’s innate ability to heal, in self-responsibility.  I know we all need a guide in this task.  I apply the teachings of yoga asana, pranayama and philosophy.  I give practical advice on Ayurvedic principles of living, nutrition and treatment.  And I can share maternal insights on the power of creative healing to ignite a spark in the feminine voice.

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Current happenings …

Madeline teaches yoga with a jouissance, has a playful, luminescent art practice and employs ayurvedic practices to fully embrace her complementary insights.

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