It was in the time of covid and I turned to the sheep for solace. Time spent with sheep when out walking had brought a wealth of inspiration to the fore. Their sensitive, intelligent and steady nature of being content with what is, were grounds to lift the sheep to a new cultural high. 

Sheepify presented artwork as a celebration of the authentic sheep and their everyday ways, musings from meandering on wilderness tracks and through urban scapes. I asked if, in fact, there was something utterly human about sheep! At the time, suggestions that collective compliance could make the task of peace and progress more amenable, were current. ‘Herd mentality’ was being carelessly littered about describing those who blindly follow the propensity to accept guidance without question. I winced, recalling education as a progression of boxes to be ticked rather than honouring the valuable opportunity for open discussion of thought and idea. Through unpacking the metaphorical sheep, I am continually reminded that the sheep is ever so worthy of conversation and hence, discussion.

In this series, I was bringing sheep into and out of different lands with a design that was created on an art residency in Iceland in the effort to amplify a sense of wonder in the world in gentle and thoughtful hopefulness.