Yoga Schedule


Madeline’s study of yoga over 25 years and Ayurveda for 8 years has brought integral commitment, consistent discipline and an understanding of an holistic life .  She teaches yoga with dynamic integrity, balancing an Ashtanga flow with Iyengar in a truth that encompasses two profound yoga practices.  In this way, attention to breath in posture and transition allow for a steady practice to address individual need.

With a graceful buoyancy Madeline offers a no frills approach employing props and variations in a life workshop of authentic self-healing.  Her passion is to be intimately connected to the subtle intricacies of the present moment and to show continued gratitude for the chance to live life fully.  

Currently overseas as an Artist in Residence.

Returning to teach yoga in Australia for 2019.




5.00 – 6.30pm – Beginners Yoga, Skagastrond, Iceland




Current happenings …

  • Stirling Ranges Yoga Retreat with Madeline Clare

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