I am about living a full creative life. I provide resourceful and resilient movement therapy classes to elevate breath and posture while nourishing my creative roots as an artist.

My artworks emanate from long extended walks, through forests, along beaches and over mountains. I love colour, shape and fluid perspectives. Currently, I am working with fine quality oils, sanding and reworking layers until I feel a luminosity in the work. When I paint, I am transported to places I have walked through.

Born in London, I trained in Design History and then in Fine Art, becoming a milliner, healing practitioner, printmaker and painter. I believe in the body’s innate ability to heal, applying the teachings of movement therapies and philosophy. My practical advice on the basic tenets of living have nutrition and philosophy at the core.

I offer original oil paintings, prints and therapeutic consultations.

To book an appointment via Zoom, WhatsApp or in person:

(+61) 0457 699 666 or email madeline@madelineclare.com