Well, I was out hunting with my spear and happened to stumble upon bundles of steam in a blue oasis. So I hopped in for 12 hours to be renewed. Seemed the right thing to do. I turned fifty. Odd. With new skin attached I walked back to my little red tent in the pitch black. Me and the mountains. It was more than chilly. I sang a few lines with Mr Pogue about fairies and love and stuff like that. The northern lights were out playing with stars.

And I thought about how thankful I am to be still in this body. A body that has taught me patience, kindness, humility and gratitude. Thankful for all of the pain, the despair and the fears, the deep loneliness and isolation, because I keep learning to find myself. I am also pretty thankful for the anger and rage – oh yeah – it humbles me. For the guilt, the shame, because I will stand for what is true. Thankful fOr the gift of wild nature and a clean life (almost); the opportunity to travel to be with many; the art and the music and to all who touch my old heart with kindness, care and generosity. It gives me hope. Thank you for the fierce courage, for taking everything away because I learn to be with what I have.

And thank you for this heart that teaches me to trust again, to have faith and to heal. To my family on all sides of this world. To my beautiful daughter for helping me to remember.

And breath, you teach me to live.

I want you all in my hut In the land of ice. Now there is room. ❤️ ah but Ergo, the horse, is here. I shall go for my first ever ride with him.

Here is a piece I made earlier, called Wishbones.