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Madeline’s artwork explores and is informed by her yoga and ayurveda practices

Wandering Uterus, 2017

Limited Edition

Silk Organza prints available on consignment, width: 135cms, length: 300cms.  Light and colour fast. Cost:  $2250.00

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on bathing in iceland

Quite a delight to visit the newly renovated swimming baths in Reykjavik.  Sundhöllin, is the oldest of the public baths in Iceland and a real treat.  Taking a bath is to enter into a delicate, [...]

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Walking has been a part of a daily practice for some time.  It has required an openness to go slower, to engage more fully in my surroundings and to keep expenses to a minimum.  I [...]


To feel the skin is to be vulnerable.  It is vulnerability that moves the edges, morphing and haunting the boundaries, emerging and retreating, being present and absent, building and unravelling, free from [...]