Solo Exhibition

28 NOV – 7 DEC 2013

Kidogo Art Institute

This body of work draws upon themes of isolation and fragmentation closely related to the artist’s personal experience, an experience that she sees as mirroring a collective feminine cultural identity. Yet, these demanding themes are tempered by Madeline’s love of textiles and sculpture as a former milliner, which bring to her paintings a whimsical playfulness, a sense of depth and a keen sense of humour.

Uncovering complex layers is a continuous thread that weaves through Madeline’s images returning to a point of eternal simplicity. Influenced by sensation and the play of opposites – chaos and order, softness and rigidity, geometry and intuition, sensual and clinical – she attempts to capture in her images the constant shifting dualities. In the exploration of the subsequent tensions within those in between spaces, between the dualities, a delightful discovery of the sensual delivers a celebration of life to the eye relishing in its adventurous moments.